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     TMNT Cowabunga is a free fan game created by me, i love ninja turtles since i was a 5yo kid and that's my way to celebrate that love.
     It's a good old platformer in gameboy style, just 4 colors on screen.
Simple gameplay, you can switch the 4 turtles and use them during the stage, you can collect ninja stars and perform ground attack and aerial attack. (each turtle a different one).

     Each turtle's got a lifebar, but be careful, if you loose one of the four it's game over! So you are forced to use all of them as a good team. (obviously ;)

    The game is a platformer, with 5 different zones and a bonus stage, lots of images and dialogues for a unique story created for the game by Simone Granata.
Great musics created by Gianluca Pappalardo on each level for a full new OST in GameBoy style.
I created sprites and background following the TMNT 1990 movie style (my favourite).
Each level will have a Boss to be defeated so, 5 bosses and a final special boss.
     You can play using keyboard or joypad.


RUN= -> -> (fast)
START/SKIP= Space bar


Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(10 total ratings)
AuthorOscar Celestini SHOP
Tags2D, Game Boy, mutant, Ninja, Pixel Art, platform, teenage, tmnt, turtles



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I keep getting stuck on ladders, or getting stuck in the ladder animation. While I'm stuck in the climbing animation, I can't attack, or move, only jump.


really enjoy the visuals in this, Played for a couple minutes, was having trouble getting up ladders. Working on my own TMNT project so I was seeing what was out there. 


thank you!! Where can I see your ptoject? I love tmnt! :D

Hi. Sorry, same person, diff account (didn't realize which was logged in). https://www.instagram.com/reel/CixqOnrglkc/?igshid=NzNkNDdiOGI= this link may work


Just finding out about this game, it is a lot of fun, I can see  a lot of work went into it. I was originally hoping it would be a rom that could be uploaded to a cartridge and run on the GB, GBC or GBA, but the game is fun to play even on  a PC.

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I love this game. Just wish i could play this on other devices like raspberry pi or at least play it using openbor emulator.

My gamepad won't work. I press 'J' when it says, but it does nothing.

Sorry, sadly clickteam pad configuration is not fully compatible with every pad, but you can easiliy fix the problem using the free app J2K to configure each button as you like, on keyboard or pads of every kind!

is there a way to customise controls ? would love to put this on my arcade at home. BTW there is also issues with ladders where turtle climbs up into sky instead of exiting ladders.

try J2K app to customize controls, sadly clickteam is not fully compatible with every pad. (sorry for the strange bug, but the code is far from perfection)

Mil gracias!


Hats off to Top Hat Gaming Man


Oh, ok! I'll try adjusting the settings! Thanks for responding!

Game looks great, but it's crashing when I open it and then the application icon disappears. Bummer dude!

Oh my... This must be an issue with your OS, you tried to play the exe file in administrator mode and in compatibility mode? Maybe will works! Sorry for the problem...

oh man this looks so good! I can't wait to try it out!

Thank you! Hope you'll like it, is small and simple but i Loved work on it :)

Well I just played this for the first time and I gotta say it's fantastic. Way better than the official NES game I played when I was a kid. My only complains would be that it doesn't save between levels and also that I would like the jump to be a little higher because I need very good precision to jump between platforms.


Thank you Stavros!!! Jump is the major challenge in this game that's why in some parts you've got to calibrate it well ;)
Jumping while running will help. Have fun!! :D

Thanks, looking forward to your next TMNT game :D (I 'd wish haha)


What engine did you use to build this?


Hi Paanormal Games! I use Clickteam fusion2.5 developer (i love it)

How is the development going?

Hi Stavros, sadly an annoying stop, but i started again working on it, this time to complete it! Stay tuned! I hope to release it in a month. (maybe less!) sure for the summer!

Game released!!!! You can download it for free! :)

Looks great, I love TMNT, can't wait for the release!


Thank you Stavros! : D