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Robocop is involved in an awesome adventure against Predator, but the terrible alien is not the only problem that he'll face. More troubles from the future are coming, but some friends also, to fight this final war and save the future of the human race!

This game is a lovely tribute to the cult movies of 80s and 90s. If you loved them as my team, you'll like this little gem we made for you.

-4 video filters (CRT-ON grey, CRT-ON green, CRT-OFF grey, CRT-OFF green); 
-Original Story;
-5 zones, 2 act each;
-Shooter Bonus stage;
-5 bosses.
-Autosave (if you choose CONTINUE at the main screen you'll start from the last level reached in the last game.)

Joypad or Keyboard (some pads are not compatible with Clickteam fusion, but you can easily config any controller using JoiToKey or similar free apps to configure them)
-A jump,
-S shot,
-Arrows move/aim
-ENTER (accept)
-ESC (quit)
-P (pause)

Actual Version: .rev4
-4 January 2024 .rev4 (fixed a wrong name in the story screens)
-3 January 2024 .rev3 (launch version)

A game by Oscar Celestini
Story by Simone Granata
Music by Gianluca Pappalardo
Alternate cover artwork by Piero Trabanelli

Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(11 total ratings)
AuthorOscar Celestini SHOP
Tags2D, Game Boy, gb, Pixel Art, predator, robocop, runandgun, Singleplayer, terminator


RobocopVsPredator_rev4.zip 13 MB

Install instructions

The game is a zip file containing everithing you'll need to play, unzip and have fun!


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Just tried the game and it's awesome. Good job!

Thank you for the comment JCORR76, happy you liked it! :_ )

It's a cool game I just wish it weren't so awkward on controller. Message to ALL devs, please stop using analog stick as default directional control for 2D games. The jump and fire buttons are also reversed from what I'd expect in most games.

Thank you for comment Alpha2!! Sadly on clickteam fusion there's not so much control on the pads, that's why I recomment using a joytokey app to configure it following player's preferences.

I see. Unfortunate, but hopefully the workaround will do the job, but it'd be better if ClickteamFusion updated their control methods to meet demand. This really is a great concept. I love the music and graphics. The controls are really the only thing that hurt it for me.

Nice game. Love it, but I think you should get rid off the infinite continues because makes pointless to learn the bosses movement patterns when you can go yolo till they die first, and if not, keep trying till they do.

I made a video review about it.

I added autosave to help many casual players, but hardcore gamers can play it as an the arcade coin-op, starting from first stage each time! ;) Thank you so much for the video review!! Your support is precious to me! :_ )

Well, nice move then! Sorry Oscar, I forget that we (I suppose) are from a different time, when video games where hard as f**k! xD
Even the good ones like yours. ^.^

Love it, very much like the arcade game back in the 90's. But even the arcade game had 3 lives. Can we get lives or cheat codes, please?

Thank you Damian! At the moment no cheats, but I may add some in the future...


Thanks a lot for your time, I’m gonna try it tonight after I’ve seen a gameplay on YT. Seems to be a great game.

I’ve got a moded game boy and would like to know if you’ve got a link to download it for it ? Or maybe in the future ? 

Thanks a lot anyway, you’re a genius !

thank you Flouket!!! Sorry, but the game is pc only (I don't have idea how to do to made a port for a real GB XD)

Ok no worry, maybe i'll try to look into GameBoystudio if i can do this, that could be awesome.

Thanks for your reply

Hi! first of all: thanks a lot for creating this awesome game.

I made a video (In Spanish, cause I'm living in Spain and the content of our chanel is fully in Spanish)

Thanks a lot Oscar and the rest of the team.

thank to you for the video and to had fun with it!! Now I'll watch and fave!! ;)

Awesome, nice modern touches and love the retro vibe too. Very arcade meets Game-boy or even Amstrad! Drop it!

Made a video


Great little gem. However, would you consider switching "continue" and "new game" option at the beginning? It's really a pain in the ass repeating the whole journey when you made to an advanced level, just because you started with the default "new game" choice.

I was so excited to see your name pop up on an article about this game. "I know that name", I said,  I started following you because you had this pretty dope retro style TMNT game on itch. And yes, can we get access to a music download?



Thank you so much Jack!! At the moment still no track downloadable, but in the future probably yes!


Liked this soundtrack would love for you to release it for everyone! Going to do a run of this game on my channel.

Any chance of you releasing the soundtrack?  I'm really digging  that Predator remix for the jungle levels. Love the game too, of course.

It reminds me of the memory from 1992: I was holding GB in a dark house, hiding in the dark quilt,  my parents' thinking that I had fallen asleep. 

Even in the dream, I am still with that They fought against the villains and monsters in some games until they were called up by their parents to go to school...

YES, I love this game~

thank you so much for your precious words Noname1986 :_ )

Great sprite work! Congrats on the release!


If you have a Steamdeck I've added a community control layout  to steam called "Your movement creep!" It maps the Dpad and A and B buttons. Start is Enter and Select is escape.

Love the game - is there uh, like a Konami code? I suck and it's hard ha ha ha. Keep up the great work!


Eheh thank you Ensilage!! Sorry at the moment no cheat codes, but I can add some in the near future to help some players who've got some difficulties! ;)

This is absolutely brilliant and a such a quality piece of work. When I go back to those old 8 bit games after remembering them through rose tinted spectacles, they feel absolutely terrible. BUT this is how I'd like to remember the old spectrum game crossed with the coin op (which is still my favourite arcade came to date). Excellent blend of nostalgia from old systems but with modern playability improvements. Also has a really great interpretation on the musical score. I'm always looking for modern variants of that Robocop coin-op, this is this best yet. Thank you for this, what a talent!

Thank you so much Smocular!! I really appreciate your words! :_ )

Well said!

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Hello! Can you add an option to change the controls. I just cant use right hand to control a character, and left for actions. It holds this back.

In all games I use WASD to move, and something like J, K, L for actions.

Also, a color palette would be cool one day!


Thank yo for comment Tony!! At the moment I can't make a change control options, but you can use some free apps like joytokey to configure it easily at your best convenience! :)

My friend just texted me, thanks for your hard work. Stoked to check it out later this week!

The game is fun, but the difficulty is too high. I understand that the game has a slower approach to a run-and-gun; even after changing my pace to account for that, it still feels too difficult.

A friend completed it in 18 minutes!! I think with a little train you'll get better and will beat every stage with no problems! ;)

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Thanks, this really is awesome. I covered this on my channel too, it too awesome not too. 

AWESOME!!! Thank you!

Amazing  game. Done a video on my channel to spread the word!!

Excellent thank you!

Thanks to you for the share and the post! :_ )

Can I livestream this to my YT channel?

Of course!! Give me the link if you leave the video once done! I'll be happy to see it, comment and share! ;) Thank you!

Thank you

I had mic issues this stream, so you can't hear me that well, but I really enjoyed this game. I really liked it! 

Nice video, thank you so much!!!  Looked and commented on your channel also! :)


This is not a fangame. It is a true video game. I've played all the stages and it felt like an adventure, like any good game.

Yes, I love all the characters presented; yes, this can't be sold because of that. So, you need to change the cutscenes and the characters because more people should be exposed to this little gem.

In the meantime, I need to know what other games you guys have created. Oh the musician is great! His main themes (of the original movies) versions are right at home in the game.

Oscar, you are a high talented video game creator, I can tell that with confidence. I hope you don't take this video game creation thing just as a hobby because we need more actual video games from you. Thanks for Robocop vs Predator.

Stay out of trouble.



Thank you Eric!! Your words are precious to me! Doing games is not my first job (I'm an illustrator and comic artist) but I try to do my best with my little games. And yes, we create also real original games: Mastema Out of Hell, Black Jewel, Last Beat... You can find them in my shop here ;) Our best game is Last Beat Enhanced (you can find it on ps4, ps5, xbox and switch digital stores) And we are working on Last Beat 2 that will be our greatest game. Thank you again for your comment! It made me really happy!

Black Jewel on the Mega Drive? Wow, I've played a beta/demo some time ago and I'm waiting for this, its from you! Will check it out immediately. Thank you Oscar!

On the MD is Black Jewel Reborn, I'm working on it with a producer PSCD Games, but is stil under development,  in my itch you find the first Black Jewel game done by me in c64 palette style! (for PC) Hope you'll like it!


This is so Awesome! Thank you so much for making this happen. 


Happy you liked it, thanks for the comment and have fun!! Spread to the world about this game! :)

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I had to play this amazing game again for my other channel. I was much better than in my first gameplay but the last phase before the last boss is still very difficult. Truly an incredible game.


Thank you so much for playing it twice!! Happy you liked it! :_ )

was this made in fusion?


Yes! Clickteam Fuson developer! (all my games are done with it) Thank you for comment! :)


Can you make a NES colored or GBC colored version next? love it

At first I made some test for the style, but I was not good using Nes palette! XD

I hope so too!


Any way to get this to run on a linx retro handheld like a miyoo mini plus or Rg 35XX plus or R36S?


At the moment Is not, but I can try for the future, maybe doing a port for android apk can help? Thanks for the comment! :)

All these handhelds are Linux based. Look into garlic & onion OS


Impressive and very challenging game. 

Thank you 5mg!! Have fun and share it with your friends! :)