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Last Beat is a little dream for me, I always wanted to develope a scrolling beat em up, since I was a kid, finally I can say that dream now is true. Project funded on Kickstarter at 231% after an epic campaign with incredible exclusive contents. KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN
Now everibody can take a trip in this nostalgic retrogame experience with a sweet new taste, nothing else to say, hope you'll like it!

LAST BEAT PC game for Windows
Genre: Scrolling beat 'em up
Single player (keyboard or joypad)
Release date: December 13th 2020.
Price: 8.00$

Last Beat digital copy;
Last Beat digital user manual;
Last Beat digital Ost by Gianluca Pappalardo;
High definition digital poster by Emilio Pilliu.

-Destroy your enemies with kicks punches and special attacks!
-Throw enemies around to free your road to the victory.
-Use heavy weapons to destroy enemies! (swords, hammers, baseball bats...)
-Use weapons for the distance! Ninja star, Shurikens, knifes...
- Hit obstacles to find out money or meal to restore your life bar!
-Choose different charas to play and unlock new ones!
-Unlockable things! (playable charas, special modes...
-Defeat original bosses.
-Ride your motorcycle in the bonus stage to collect extra money!
-Auto Save for your progresses, collect money to buy improvements for the harder stages!
-Complete the game with each chara to discover all the endings.
-Master the Rising mode if you are brave enough.
-CRT old style effect available if you are nostalgic like me, or pixel perfect vision for pure pixel art experience.

Rated 3.8 out of 5 stars
(6 total ratings)
AuthorOscar Celestini SHOP
Tags2D, Beat 'em up, beu, lastbeat, oscarcelestini, Pixel Art, scrolling-beat-em-up


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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and demo ? ahahahhaah

no demo for the enhanced version, but you will see a lot of videos once released in september to value it ;) Final price must be 9.99 $ on the respective consoles shops.


sooooooo is this game going to be on steam by any chance?

No, this is the only shop where you can find it ;)


Now see you open more questions and don't get me wrong! Itch.io is a really awesome place to get awesome games and manga. You've released your other games on steam so why not this one I hope you didn't have a bad experience on it :( 

I released only Mastema Out of Hell and Black Jewel (cause done under Forever Entertainment as publisher) I don't like Steam, that's the only reason why for every other game I use only Itch.io ;) 


First I want to thank you for being honest with your answer and I do hope somewhere in the future to reconsider putting this game on Steam. You have a good day!  

I don't like steam, either. They rip game devs off something fierce.

YES! That's great! I take it no Mac version in the future? I'll see if I can snag a PC to play it on, and if so I'll buy

Hello, I'm unable to play with my controller. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

sorry for the late reply, probably clickteam fusion is not fully compatible with your pad, I think you can try J2K and map key buttons on your favourite gamepad ;)

Also separate issue but controller support isn't working for my 8bitdo SN30 Plus controller

Strange, there is a large range of compatibility with clickteam fusion, did you connected the pad before starting the app of Last Beat? You can try J2k to avoid the issue if nothing else works!

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Hi Oscar, possible to release a rom for those who have the digital copy of Last Beat so we can play on the megadrive emulator? Would love to play it on my Anbernic RG350.

btw I backed the digital copy on KS

Hi Justince!! At the moment I'm not able to do it. But I'm looking at some win emulator for Android to try the game on Android systems (could be the right way?) I'll try Wine for first. You can try also, if It can run apps for win on Android devices the game is probably done! :D

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Hmm but if you are releasing Megadrive cartridges for those who backed the perk that promise a physical copy, wouldn't it be possible to extract the content out of one cartridge, make it into a Rom, and then release it for backers or those who purchased it on itch.io?

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Hi QueenFaith, there is a demo for reviewers only at the moment, but I can add it in the next days, I'ts not a bad idea!!

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ok thank u ;D


Backed the physical on Kickstarter.

Happy you received!! Thank you for sharing this precious picture of the physical edition!! 

Basic action is quite bad. Isn't fun at all. It's bad that itch.io doesn't have regional prices. I'm from Russia and 10$ is too much for this. Saw your game in this video 

And really disappointed having bought it.

Hi Yeo, I'm very sorry you did'nt like my game, send me and e-mail, we'll find a deal! oscar_celestini@hotmail.com

Great game! :D

The Legendary SEEP :D hope your days are awesome just like your games.

Hey, sorry for the late. You're too kind... Thanks a lot! ^^

Hey. Did you make this with fusion 2.5?.


Yes!All my games are done with Clickteam Fusion :)

Awesome. Thats what I use too.

Made a beat em up engine awhile back 

Nice to meet another fusion 2.5 user who makes beat em ups!

Looking forward to playing your game.


I knew that, so happy to meet the creator!!! That engine is better of mine for sure! But I could'nt use something not done by me for etical reason XD. I think that Clickteam is a beautiful software and can do really amazing things for 2d games.


I'm a Kickstarter backer and I was really pumped for this game, it being sold to me as a Megadrive styled beat em up. I fully appreciate that this game was made by One Dude and his commitment is admiral, clearly a lot of time and energy has gone into this, but that doesn't remove it from criticism.

Before I go on here's some positives: The Pixel Art is fantastic and the music is top tier! If that's enough for you then get involved, if not maybe consider reading what else I have to say.

This is not a Megadrive styled beat em up, it's more like a Master System game as it only uses 2 buttons... because there's no jumping!? So weird to me, I mean even Target Renegade on the Spectrum had flying kicks. Now that may have been in the blurb for the Kickstarter and I just missed it/ignored it as I wanted to support the dev because I liked his previous games and I love beat em ups so this looked super rad to me.

Unfortunately the gameplay for me is not rad. You have to slap enemies 3 or 4 times with a short reaching weak attack just to get your standard combo to 'activate' and while you are attempting this slapping, the enemies can just smack you out of it, as they are only stunned by the combo. So you have to start the wind up again and hope they just let it happen this time. You can grab enemies for a throw or a strike from behind and this seems to be the preferred method of fighting, as long as you don't mind taking a few slugs as you get in close for a grab ofc. You can also run and attack, but doing a double tap with an analogue stick is never the easiest thing, so its not reliable. (the game defaulted to my 360 pad and didn't allow the use of the d-pad, hopefully I can get Joy to Key to allow me to use my Saturn pad next time I play.) So on a basic level the combat is annoying me to say the least. (Unless ofc I am missing something here?)

This annoyance passes directly onto the 2 bosses I have faced, who spam their attacks constantly. You have to get close to start the wind up on your combo, but if you get close the boss picks you up and slams you down, no grabbing the boss as far as I can see. 'Then use your special attack' you say. You can, once, and then you have to wait for a bar to build up so you can do it again, and this bar is slooow, it does quicken up if you can land attacks but if you get close to the boss you get picked up and slammed, thus catch 22... I somehow cheesed the AI to get pass the first boss, as after relentlessly picking me up as I start my slapping, he just stopped doing anything, not very satisfying at all. This AI trait is in the standard enemies now I come to think about it, sometimes the enemies are super aggressive and other times they stand still and do nothing, sometimes even facing away from the player, a bug maybe?

The real kick to the teeth for me is you only have one life! So upon death you get a, admittedly cool, game over screen and then it's back to the main menu to start again, it really breaks up the flow of play. Granted you can start from any new levels you have unlocked and now you can buy a one use upgrade IF you've got any coin, but the upgrade I bought didn't help with the level 2 boss as even with extra health there was no window in his attack pattern in which to start my slapping for a combo. 

Now I fully admit I'm no expert at games, I don't care if I finish a game, as long as the gameplay is fun that's what matters to me, but I'm not having fun with the gameplay loop here.

Thus it leaves me to say that this current build feels like a subpar 8-bit beat em up, and when it's a genre known for its tedium a beat em up has to have a hook, generally the fun of beating up enemies, but so far I don't feel that hook.

So as it stands for me right now I can't see it being a game I will return too very often. Unless ofc my gripes are because of bugs that can be patched later down the line; not sure if that's a possibility or not but if so I will edit my review accordingly when and if that happens.

5/10 - It looks fantastic and sounds great but the gameplay isn't on the same level.

Hi Ucial! Thank you for the long comment (I really appreciate when somebody take his time to help developers) I'll try to answer to your point of view, you are right, the "jump" is missing, but it was my decision to eliminate it to encourage short fighting action (something like Vendetta, one of my favourite beu from the past) That choise is also a little compromise to help me in development (is very hard for me to add a jump action and all the relative consequences of it in every situation). The choise of the single life bar also is a detail that push the player to give his best doing attention to enemies waves and bosses. Of course I can understand that you could don't like that gameplay, but I sincerely suggest to you to give it a second chance to enter the right mood (also using improvements and unlocking things that is always an incentive to do better and more). I'm sure that if you try some more, you'll find a way to get better and a single bar is enough to complete also the full game! Try the improvement fast special attack charge! Did you tried? Is very helpful! I know we are talking about a small game at a small price with some limits, I can assure that I'll do my best to add some patches in the future and support it and, of course, answering to friends like you that give me some precious feedbacks! Let's smile a bit, to be true a Master System game could not support all that details and sprites on screen ;) But you are right, this is not a MD resolution game, just a nostalgic assonance I liked to do. 


Oh Dec 13. Can't wait!

Looking great!


Thank you Biim!

Looking good Oscar !

any video?

Hi Bkdove, to be true, I've completed a level, and progression is constant and lovely, but no video published still sorry... I hope to do some gameplay soon! The game is simple and nice but everithing seems to work properly!

Thanks Oscar, I subscribed to your youtube channel. I am a fan of your games :)

Thank you my friend, I hope to give some news very soon!! :)

Video trailer ready! Release date december 13th 2020! 


wow, this is awesome!!