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Black Jewel is a PC game created in c64 style. Pure pixel art and simple concept (but hard to complete).
You are Ryan, a barbarian warrior and you've got to keep back to the realm the Black Jewel, stealed by Darkor.

-Play using keyboard or joypad;
- CRT effect perfect for a retrogame feeling available;
- Five different zones (forest, ruins, castle...) More than 50 screens to complete in old style pixel art;
- 5 dangerous bosses;
- Intro and ending pixel art illustrations;
- Best score;
- Original Ost, 5 tracks by Gianluca Pappalardo, 1 special track by Daniele Coppola.

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
AuthorOscar Celestini SHOP
Tags2D, barbarian, commodore, conan, Dragons, Indie, platform, rastan, retrogame, Swords
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Gamepad (any)
LinksSteam, Community


Buy Now$2.00 USD or more

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great game!
will there be a real c64 version?
many thanks!

I have purchased this game recently in STEAM. This game is great and the graphics are really nice. It really brings the players back in the old good times of genuine platform games. However, I miss being able to save the game and also being able to duck the character to dodge some blows and fire shots. Would be possible to add these features in a future update?

Thank you for the comment, I'm happy you liked it!! At the moment no new features on this one, BUT we are working on a Megadrive port that will be released during 2023. Look here, will be awesome and of course you can crouch down and doing lots of more different attacks: https://pscdgames.itch.io/black-jewel-reborn

Dear Oscar, I have played this version for Sega/Megadrive before in the version 15 and I completed that demo. It was great. I loved that game and I am looking forward to play the full version. I see that there is a new demo version (version 20). Is there anything different between the version 15 and version 20 of this demo? Congratulations for the great work!

Hello. Please make a version that would work on a Commodore 64, VICE emulator, C64 Mini, or all 3.

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Just a question for my game review article. I play steam version, have any checkpoint, saveing point? Or one game - one life? :D I die after 2. boss +3 map, or im just curious, how much stage left.

No savestate or checkpoint, as usual in c64 Platform (or arcade) games :D.  There are 8 stages+boss each map, 5 maps, but last map is a bit different more stages and the castle is a labirint (you need to find the right path to reach the final boss). Try harder, is not so complicated complete it ;) if you want to complete it before the review release i can tell you in pvt message a secret cheat.

No-no, i dont need cheat :D I love try-try-and-die :D Only i just ask (i dont want wrong info to the article :)). Thankx!

tottaly origanal ............................................................................ ;)


Hi Oscar!

It's looks great game, i love it! I write a short artickle my hungarian blog (www.retrogeek.hu)! :)


Thank you Cartwright, really happy about this! I shared your post on Google plus and twitter!

Thanks! :)

Wish I could play it, it looks SUPER cool and fun!!!

I'd like to play it but I have Ubuntu, does it work with Wine? Or are you planning to develop a Linux version perhaps?

Sadly no Linux version available, but some people used Windows emulators to run it under Mac, you can try and buy it, if it does'nt work i'll do a total refund of course.


Thank you so much! 

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I bought the game just a moment ago and it works flawless with Wine under Ubuntu 16.04 (64-bit), just to say :)

Great!! I was waiting for a repsonse :D great news! Thank you Badchosenname, hope you'll have fun beating the game!


It's very fun, I just got to the dragon and... it is hard but I will do it! :)


Being a man who grew up with this kind of games, i totally love it! It captures perfectly the feel and gameplay of the era. Thanks for the trip, Oscar.


Thank you Ferzzola, i'm so happy about your comment cause is exactly the aim of my game! :_ )